Uniform Policy

Risdon Vale Primary School Uniform Policy

Endorsed by Risdon Vale Primary School Association, November 2016

Why do we have a full uniform policy?

Uniform is primarily a safety issue. Our school is a thoroughfare for the general public and while on duty staff need to be able to clearly identify our students in order to keep them safe.

Uniform is cheaper than fashion items.

Uniform is a matter of equity. Uniform ensures equality and an acceptable, smart, affordable option.

The uniform policy has been developed by the Risdon Vale Primary School Association in consultation with staff and students. As such the policy represents the values of the school community.

The community makes judgements about the school by its appearance and the appearance of the students.

Education of Department of Tasmania

  • Wearing a school uniform is strongly encouraged in Tasmanian Government Schools.
  • Wearing a uniform will help your child feel like they belong
  • Place all students on the same level in terms of clothing
  • Assist school staff to easily identify students
  • Give your child a sense of pride in their school


Standard uniform is gold and navy polo shirts with school emblem, along with navy or navy trousers or shorts with a gold stripe; for both boys and girls. Many girls opt for the navy blue skirt with shorts connected as a summer alternative. Navy blue polar fleece jacket, blue school puffer jacket or blue school soft shell jackets are included in the winter range. Navy blue scarves, gloves and beanies are appropriate and compliment the uniform.


Plain navy blue bucket hat, broad brimmed hat or legionnaire hats are all acceptable, so long as they are plain navy with NO LOGOS or label advertising. Hats must be worn during first term and fourth term; this is in line with the school’s sun smart policy. Helmets must be worn when using bikes, skateboards and scooters. This applies to weekends and after school as per the school bike license agreement.


No makeup is permitted. Clear nail polish is acceptable for boys and girls.


Studs are the only acceptable ear jewellery. Students should not wear ear stretchers; they are a health and safety issue and are inappropriate for primary students. There are issues with sport when coaches expect players to remove jewellery, the vacant hole presents a tearing risk. There are health and safety issues with facial piercing and they are inappropriate for school. Necklaces are also a health and safety issue as they can get caught on equipment and present a choking hazard. We advise parents against allowing children to wear jewellery. The school will not be held responsible for any losses.


Students look smart in black shoes; sport shoes in good repair are appropriate. Boots make it difficult for students to fully participate in daily activities.


Layby is available from the school office and small collection of quality second hand clothing is available. Please see a staff member regarding this.

Department of Education, Tasmania

If your School Association has endorsed a school uniform policy for your school then that becomes a school rule, which needs to be complied with.