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Welcome to Risdon Vale Primary School

Risdon Vale Primary School is a Birth to Year 6 school located in the natural amphitheatre of Risdon Vale, a suburb on Hobart's Eastern Shore.  The school was established in 1961 and has a proud history of educating children residing in the local area.

Risdon Vale Primary School is committed to the goals outlined in the Department of Education Tasmania's Strategic Plan - Learners First: Every Learner, Every Day. 

Access, Participation and Engagement

We aim for all of our students to be participating and engaged in learning. We offer motivating, high quality learning experiences for all of our students along with a range of additional opportunities.

  • We are a MONA 24 Carrot Kitchen Garden School associated with the Stephanie Alexander program.  Students participate in weekly 'seed to plate' gardening and cooking experiences that are linked to the curriculum and promote health and well-being. We have a newly-developed outdoor classroom which will allow us to provide further opportunities for our students to engage in meaningful, practical learning beyond the traditional classroom.  
  • All of our classes participate in weekly specialist music lessons and our older students also have the opportunity to be a part of our choir, marimba and recorder groups.
  • In addition to specialist Physical Education lessons, we provide students with the opportunity to participate in school-based carnivals, play sporting matches against other schools and participate in sporting activities on Friday afternoons. Our students also participate in Learn to Swim (grades 3-5) and Water Orientation (prep – grade 2) each year.
  • Technology is integrated into our curriculum. In addition to computer lab, every classroom has a range of computers, laptops and tablets.
  • We have a Gifted and Talented program which was recognised in the 2016 MyState Film Festival. 
  • Students who have additional needs are supported by a range of specialist staff including the school support teacher, teacher assistants, social worker, psychologist speech pathologist and school chaplain. We offer a range of additional supports and programs including classroom-based support, gross motor program, speech pathology, social skills groups, Reading Doctor, MacqLit and one-on-one reading.

Early Learning 

We believe in the importance of supporting children from birth onward to become confident and involved learners. We recognise and value parents and carers as children's first and ongoing educators.  We continually strive to offer flexible opportunities for families to engage in their children's education. 

  • For children from birth to age 4, we offer two Launching into Learning sessions each week in our purpose-built space. Children attend these sessions with their carers.
  • For students who will be attending kinder in 2019, we offer weekly pre-kinder sessions in our kinder classroom with the kinder teacher.
  • We work in partnership with families, the Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, Early Childhood Intervention Services, St Giles, CHAPS, LINC and other external agencies to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

Literacy and Numeracy

We are committed to ensuring our students have the skills and confidence in literacy and numeracy to successfully participate in learning, life and work.

  • Literacy and Numeracy form the basis of our classroom teaching and we find ways to ensure that the learning is motivating, purposeful and addresses the needs of our students.
  • We use common approaches and language across the school to benefit our students as they move from grade to grade.


We are committed to ensuring our learners are safe, feel supported and are able to flourish so they can engage in learning.

  • We spend a great deal of time developing a common understanding between all students, staff and parents of the high standard of behaviour expected at our school. These expectations are based on our school values: Is it Safe? Is it Fair? Does it show you care?
  • We focus on, and explicitly teach social skills, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing, Zones of Regulation, Self-regulation, Peer Support, Leadership and goal setting. We select our fortnightly social skills focus based on the current needs of the students and teachers plan collaboratively to address the needs of the students. Over the course of the fortnight, students have the opportunity to document their learning and this is kept in their personal ’Wellbeing Journal’.
  • We understand it is important to establish predictable routines and structures to ensure students feel secure and know what is expected of them. Our agreed-upon strategies are established and used in every classroom.
  • We celebrate and communicate positives using class awards, the newsletter, facebook, assemblies, Class dojo/seesaw, postcards home and individual phone calls to parents.
  • We support our students to manage their own emotions and behaviour by providing a space in every room for students to ‘Take a Break’ (each space is similar in that it includes a cushion, ‘check in’ poster, timer, ‘breathing star’ poster). We teach our students when and how to use the ‘Take a Break’ space, how to recognise their own emotions, and strategies they can use for calming.
  • We understand that there at some students who require intensive, individualised behaviour support from time to time. We work with families when planning and implementing specific strategies.


We have a proud past and Risdon Vale Primary school continues to look to the future.  Risdon Vale is a growing suburb of new housing and families who, together with our third generation students, have high expectations of us to prepare local children for bright and fulfilling futures well beyond primary school.

Please contact the school regarding any enquiries. We can achieve anything as a community if we work together.

Kind regards
Rachael Wells