Welcome to Risdon Vale Primary School


Vision: to be proudly recognised as a center for excellence in the social and academic education of every child

Risdon Vale Primary School is a Birth to Year 6 school located in the natural amphitheatre of Risdon Vale, a suburb on Hobart's Eastern Shore.  The school was established in 1961 and has a proud history of educating chidren residing in the local area.

We have experienced a steady enrolment increase in recent years which has bolstered funding and staffing.  Our current attendance rate average of 93%, meets Department of Education targets and is a goal for ongoing improvement.

Our priority areas are aligned to the Department of education Tasmania's Learners First strategic PlanLearners First guides our priority areas of:

  • Respectful schools

To ensure a safe, calm and orderly school,  Risdon Vale Primary School has high expectations of respectful behaviour.  Our Positive Behaviour Support processes enable staff, students and families to maintain our Hi 5 values: being safe, being ready, being a learner, being respectful and being responsible.  We have a strong culture of celebrating the Hi 5 values at our weekly Awards Assembly.

  • Quality teaching and learning

Risdon  Vale Primary School have implemented the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Social Sciences, Health/PE and the Arts (Music).  Our teachers meet every week to discuss how to improve our teaching practice and the learning of all children.  Our teachers also work with a teaching coach.  To support excellent teaching, we have invested in new teaching resources, especially in the areas of Mathematics and Science.

We have a Gifted and Talented program, which was recognised in the 2016 MyState Film  Festival.  We also have specialist support staff to support students whose results indicate a need for intervention on academic and social/emotional concerns.

Risdon Vale Primary School has an excellent sports program including Phsical Education, lunchtime supervised sports, after school sports and Friday afternoon activities.  These are run by trained staff.

Our students participate in weekly music lessons with a specialised music teacher, including vocal and instrumental opportunities.

We are a MONA 24 Carrot Kitchen Garden School associated with the Stephanie Alexander program.  This enables our Year 2 to 6 students to participate in 'seed to plate' gardening and cooking experiences that are linked to the curriculum and promote health and well-being.

  • Engaging the community

Risdon  Vale Primary is a LIFT (Learning in Families Together) and LiL (Launching into Learning) school.  We recognise and value parents and carers as children's first and ongoing educators.  We continually strive to offer flexible opportunities for families to engage in their children's education.  We work in partnership with families, the Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, early childhood Intervention Services, St Giles, CHAPS, LINC and other external agencies to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

Teachers keep families informed about classroom teaching and learning through weekly LIFT 'conversation cards' and discussion of reports at parent/teacher meetings.  Teachers and families work together to identify individual learning needs and set learning goals.

Our school community is supported by a Speech Pathologist, School Psychologist, Social Worker, School health Nurse and Teacher of the Deaf, all of whom work weekly within the school.  The school chaplain supports our kitchen garden program as well as supporting Year 6 students to transition successfully to high school.

We aim to facilitate experiences for students, both within and outside of the local area, to broaden their understanding of people and places.  As a result we have recently spent time with the Monks of Tibet, an Internationally renowned musician, The Hawthorn Football Club and our Year 5 and 6 students spent a day sailing.

Our communication with the community is paramount as is the community's involvement with the school.  Whether it is regular visits by parents, involvement in our School Association, the local bikes program or the development of our garden as a whole of community resource, we are dediated to building stronger partnerships.

We have a proud past and Risdon Vale Primary school continues to look to the future.  Risdon Vale is a growing suburb of new housing and families who, together with our third generation students, have high expectations of us to prepare local children for bright and fulfilling futures well beyond primary school.

Please contact the school regarding any enquiries about how we are achieving our vision.  We can achieve anything as a community if we work together.


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Libby Robinson